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Classifieds Introduction

          Welcome to the Online County Guides classifieds.  We are certain that after you browse OCG a few times you will enjoy its features, ease of use and one you will use as your local online resource.  Read more below to discover how no one will ever be last.

Being last is in the past

          Each of us have something to sell, trade or give away and the new OCG classifieds is a great section of our site that enables consumers to post these types of items.  Unfortunately, with so many places to post online classifieds, what makes someone choose one site over another.  We can't speak for other companies, but you will never be pushed further to the end of the list with us.

(Software Copyright Registration Number TX 8 - 159 - 225)

          The unique feature of our software that runs our business directory, also runs our classifieds.  This means you will not have to repost your add to stay in front and never be stuck in last place, because there is no last place.

  • The Business Directory Ferris Wheel Software; our protected software will make all the difference for our users.  Why? It rotates all of the pages like a Ferris wheel.
  • Example 1; if there were 20 pages of a category and 20 people went to it at the same time, everyone would see a different page rather than page 1 all the time.
  • Example 2.  Upon entering a category with multiple pages a user might see page 11 rather than page 1.  The next user to enter that category would see page 12 and the "next" button chosen reveals page 13.  It also means that your listing isn't pushed further to the back each time a new item is added.  Programmed to rotate all pages, means every page receives the same equal visibility.

How It Works

  • All postings are free.
  • Posting timeframe; all postings automatically removed after 30 days.
  • Geographically designed; OCG is designed with the consumer in mind.  All postings are added by their exact region; county, parish, borough, and city.  This ensures consumers they are browsing our classifieds exactly where they want them without other areas included.

Enjoy Online County Guide as one of you favorite local sites.

God Bless

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