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Directory Features

This section of Online County Guide offers insight on the specific navigation aspects of how our site operates.  We want our visitors to know what they can expect when they browse OCG.  As the site grows we will continue to use this section to update you when changes are made.

Directory Features

          Although we will later include more of our directory features categorically, for now we have listed how our geographical regions work.

  • National; This section of OCG will later be set up as a national database to browse for businesses of many types.  It is our objective to develop a strategy that excludes content not business related in our database.  Many consumers now have such a difficult time looking for certain types of businesses or business related information because search engines contain so much data that has nothing to do with what someone is looking for.  Our goal is to keep OCG free of anything not related to business and monitored to ensure that it grows to be a valuable resource.  What's the advantage; our copyright software.  The Business Directory Ferris Wheel ensures no company remains in a permanent position.

  • State; Once opened, our state by state feature will prove to be beneficial allowing consumers to narrow their search by an individual state.  If you were looking for "TX Raw Honey" then the only businesses you will find would be those in that state.  This really expands the possibilities of viewing companies all over a state without the frustration of businesses from other states.  This applies when browsing for any keyword within that state.

  • County; this area of OCG really narrows down what you want and exactly where you want it.  It is the actual business directory section of our site and allows consumers to browse categories in their county.  The system actually compiles all of a category so that it can be browsed countywide.

  • City; the city directories compile in each county as new businesses join.  It allows a user to switch back and forth from their county to the cities in that county.  It means that when a category is chosen you are browsing those listings only within that chosen city.

  • Zip Code; this feature is a great addition; whether you are browsing by county or city, you can simply choose a zip code to browse once you have chosen a category for businesses right near you.

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