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Advertising Introduction

Welcome to taking a step in the right direction for increasing your business visibility.  This section of our site is a brief introduction that will help you have a better understanding of how you can utilize Online County Guide and the multiple areas in the site for advertising.

Never be stuck in last place again!

What is the biggest advantage of advertising with OCG?  Our "copyright" software!  It rotates like a Ferris Wheel so that all the pages receive the same equal amount of exposure.  If we had 100 pages of any category and 100 people viewed that category or subcategory at the same time, all would see a different page, not always page 1 anymore.  For example; if you were to view a category and saw page 8, the next person that visits that category would see page 9 and so on until that category rotates all the way around to page 1.  Our listings of 10 on each page do not remain in a fixed position either, as they are constantly changing positions from top to bottom.

OCG is vast in available space throughout the entire site for advertising and is designed by county, parish, burrow, city and zip code.  Each company can sign up with a basic listing in your category and subcategory or choose more advanced methods such as banner advertising and cross-regional banner advertising when other regions come available.

Geographically designed; your business will be listed in our unique A to Z search feature just like our old phonebooks.  It allows consumers to view all categories by letter and their subcategories. so there is no confusion as to what you are browsing or you can search by keyword.  You can even choose multiple areas to be listed where it applies to your business.

Can't Decide Where You Want To Advertise.  We can customize an advertising package for you, should your needs require broader exposure.

We are taking every step to prove that we are making it possible so no company ever remains in last place again.  We give all the credit to The Lord, as He is the Giver of all good inventions.

Please email us if you have any questions until we set up our sign up page.
Skype Address: MyOCG1001

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